The Directors

TMH-Tech is a proudly female-owned business in a predominately male dominated industry. Co-owners Barbara and Vanessa understand their clients’ needs and feel the emotions that they go through while creating their dream space, be it their private home, office or an investment property. They seamlessly combine their experience in design and tech to nurture a project from idea and sketch phase, through build, to completion and handover phase and beyond. TMH-Tech pride themselves on excellent after-sales service and building relationships that extend well into the future.

Barbara’s passion for the business stems from her Interior Design background, project management experience and her involvement in technology, and more recently the FTTH industry over the past 10 years.

Vanessa’s experience in technology, creativity, design and marketing drives her passion in an industry that she grew up in. Knowing the pain, blood sweat and tears that people go through when trying to build their dream space and wanting to make this incredibly important project a dream experience for customers is what made her jump at the opportunity of being a part of such an innovative company.

Local roots combined with worldwide experience in design and technology is our secret recipe for satisfying our customers.